There Are No Quick Fixes For Excellence In Customer Service

True customer service is not just about training staff in service skills or designing service processes that work. True customer service is about a depth of ethical relationship that extends from the very centre of the organisation to the loyal, satisfied customer through the loyal, satisfied employee, and that means getting the whole organization orientated to deliver a meaningful experience to the customer. This requires Clarity of Purpose, Appropriate Organization, Getting the People Right and Effective Leadership.  Only through these things can the organization become, in its very essence, ‘service-able’


“Organisations with Service-Ability will stand out from those that continue to offer indifferent, de-personalised relationships with their customers because they will be different. They will be more able, more stable, more profitable and, not only will they attract more customers, they will keep their existing ones longer” – Kevin Robson

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Service-Ability will separate the best from the rest. It will be the key to sustainable competitive advantage in the 21st Century.